This is Me,

in a Nutshell.


I wasn't always comfortable in my body and expressing my feminine side in all its no fucks glory.  I can without hesitation say: I get it.  I get what it's like to grow up in a world with media telling us how we're 'supposed' to look, act, and think.  I get what it's like to look in a mirror and focus on flaws.  I get what it's like to step on a scale or in a pair of jeans and see a number that brings up feelings ranging from self-doubt to full-on body-shamey hatred.  I. Get. It. 

I'm a Virgo.

Some people put stock in astrology, and I'll be honest, some of the traits of my Sign are pretty spot on: I'm organized, a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, and definitely loyal.  This means I approach Photography professionally.  I'm not a hobbyist, I'm a pro.  I am constantly updating my education and skills, and you can be sure I've got my shit together. When I give a timeline, or set expectations, you know I'll stick with it. 

























I Crave Adventure.

I backpacked Europe alone in my early 20's, and I'm always up for something new.  This might seem counter to that whole organized Virgo thing above, but I love to be spontaneous, so I'm very open to your suggestions and am flexible in our photo shoot.  Have an idea you want to try? Let's do it!  Saw a picture on Pinterest that just blew your mind? Let's do it!  Nothing is too out there, or embarrassing, or weird. Trust me, I've seen a lot and you can  believe me when I say everybody's got something.  Photography for me is less about the pretty picture (though those do make you feel good) and more about the Experience of it. 


I Have a Green Thumb. 

Not literally, but in that metaphorical I can grow plants without killing them thing.  I love to garden: veggies, fruit, flowers, house plants, all of it.  I grew up on a farm, so consider it my happy place.  Growers need to be Patient with a capitol P.  It takes time to cultivate food.  It takes attention to detail and an awareness of what that other living thing needs to grow.  You have to pay attention to have a green thumb.  I apply this directly to your images.  I take my time (a reasonable amount) with the photos we create and pay attention to the details.  I want them to be as complete and perfect as they are supposed to be (see Virgo entry above).  I make sure, too, that you have the attention and care from me, to use this experience as a way to grow -  if that's what you're looking for. 

I am a Cat Mom. 

Nimbus (aged 11) and Qilin (aged 8) are the fuzzy little lights of my life.  Little is a relative term here since one is 18 lbs.  But they're happy, healthy, and can't seem to be more than 3 feet away from me when I'm home.  I wiggle for joy when 'snuggle season' - September through turning the heat off - arrives since I am their preferred human (sorry, hubby). They're affectionate & damn adorable. 

I love Bodies & Photography

I can't say this enough. I love the science of anatomy and how we work (I've also been a Licensed Massage Therapist for the last 12+ years).  I love the shapes we can make, the confidence that comes from feeling connected to our bodies and seeing ourselves in a new way.  I love how much our forms can do for us, and I honestly see beauty in every body.  Most of all, I love and appreciate that you allow me to be present with you for an honest moment of connection between you and your body.   

Let's have an Adventure. 

Photo by Lindsay Hite 2019
Self Portrait RAW Project
Photo by Mon Chari Boudoir
Photo by Peter Paradise Michaels
Body Positive Activist
Photo by Lindsay Hite 2019
Self Portrait RAW Project
Photo by Mon Chari Boudoir
Photo by Peter Paradise Michaels
Body Positive Activist

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