These were photos of me that were FOR me; these weren’t for posterity or proof or at someone else’s request, or to benefit a third party in any way. This was a way to shift my perspective, and to claim my chin and knees and belly button and everything else I’ve always felt awkward about because I was afraid of the judgement of other people. The woman in the photos was purely me: no makeup and no body shaping clothes, none of the things women wear to hide or adjust the things we’re told not to accept about ourselves."

“It's crazy to see a picture of myself like this, Mitzie is amazing!  She made me feel so beautiful.  I'm at the end of my rope with people trying to make me feel bad about my body; I should be able to want to feel sexy whenever I damn well please. She's super professional as well as just being sweet and hilarious to work with. I had a blast working with her recently, and I would love to do it again sometime! The pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous"

“One of the things I loved about working with Mitzie is she asked both how I did and did not want to be shot; I was very blunt when I told her that I'm so sick of modeling for male gaze photography, and she really honored that... Mitzie held space so beautifully, helped me to feel safe, never forced me to look at the camera, let me have shitty posture, and worked with all that.

So grateful."

"Putting yourself out for a boudoir session can be an intimidating thing- but have no doubt that you will rock it and Mitzie will help you. You'll come out on the other end of your session feeling confident, and empowered - and having had a blast just getting to explore how awesome your body really is. At the end, you'll have the gorgeous photos to prove it to yourself as well!"

“Working with Mitzie was a life changing experience. She is unique in her craft and a true artist with her work. I can't remember being more consistently comfortable with my body and letting myself be okay with embracing my beauty than I have been since my session with her..”

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