Pool Party Prep Guide

(say that 5 times fast)


We're living that sweet summer dream by the pool with cake, new friends and good times. 


You can expect the following for our Bold Babe's Pool Party shoot, in no particular order: 


1. a judgement-free zone

2. tasty snacks & bevvy

3. to get wet in the pool(s)

4. to get cheered on by others

5. to try new things

6. to have Fun.


Ultimately, wear what you want:  bikini, one-piece suit, cover-up, tulle dress, whatever you don't mind getting wet!  If you want more specific guidance, think about the location we'll be doing your webcam session.  Ultimately, wardrobe isn't all that important for this style of session, so choose something you are comfortable in and makes you feel good. 


Don’t stress about how glam or not you want to get here.  And honestly, don't bother with doing your hair because it's going to get wet anyway!  For makeup, however, avoid strong highlight and contour; since we're outside in the sun, it'll catch and grab the light a bit too much.  You could absolutely use this as an excuse to pamper yourself and spend time on and for you, with makeup just because you feel like it and it makes you feel good. You could also absolutely decide not to wear any at all and go totally bare face!  There's no 'rules' here. 


The address is: 4 Esther Dr. Milford MA 01757

Please park on the street in front of the house, and come down the driveway to the pool in the back yard (through the white fence). We'll start at 1pm sharp and go until 4pm (ish).  You are welcome to bring a snack to share, but everything will be provided (including sun screen & bug spray!). 


Let's be as safe as possible.  Please bring a mask to wear when we're not shooting, or when you'll be going inside to use the washroom, and I'll be wearing my mask too (especially while shooting).  All the chairs and areas are set up to be 6' apart for distancing, and hand sanitizer is front and center.  All the pool floats and surfaces have been sanitized, and there is no evidence that covid-19 is transmittable through water. 

If you have any of the following symptoms or circumstances, please stay home: unusual fatigue, coughing or shortness of breath, sneezing or runny nose, loss of taste or smell, fever, have a positive covid-19 test or have known contact with someone who has a positive test or exhibits the above symptoms, have traveled on a plane or traveled from a state outside the MA approved travel order in the last two weeks. 

We can focus on fun, because we've already focused on safety. 

That's it, see you soon!


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