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5 Reasons NOT to have a Photoshoot.

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I get it, boudoir isn't for everyone. And I never get upset when someone tells me they're not ready (no worries, I'm here when you are). There are so many reasons to do a photoshoot, but I've also discovered along the way that there are reasons not to as well. Here's a list of 5 reasons you shouldn't book with me.

1. If the photos are only for your partner...

I hear this a lot: "I want to do a shoot for my [insert type of partner here, often "husband"]".

Don't get me wrong, I like sending and receiving a saucy gift as much as the next Bold Babe, but it's not a good reason to book with me in particular. I believe this experience is for YOU. For womxn especially, we do so much for other people, we need to have something for ourselves too. How we feel in our bodies, that relationship, our mindset, expressing body-autonomy... all that is something we need to have and to do for ourselves. Any partner who you choose to share your photos with is privileged to see them.

2. If you don't like new experiences...

Everything you've ever done you had to do for a first time. Some things took guts and others I'm sure you didn't' even need to think about. New things are Adventures and I love Adventures! Even if you like having your photo taken, every session is something new, every photographer is someone new. I love to try new things, change it up. New experiences are how we grow as a person, and this will absolutely promote self-growth, self-love and boost confidence.

3. If you have a photographic memory...

First, good on ya, I'm sure it's both a blessing and a curse. Why is this one on the list? Well, there's no way you're going to have a photoshoot and not have your photos to remember how bad-ass and adventurous you were. If my house burns down and I can only save one object (cats are obviously already out of the house and not an object anyway) it's going to be the photos.

Photos are tangible memories. They bring up the emotions and connections to a time and place and experiences we want to remember, and you definitely want to remember your photoshoot.

4. You have absolutely no body image issues...

If this is true, teach me your ways! For the rest of us, body image is a constant stream of external input and internal critic, and silencing that bitch is a full-time job at first. It does get easier though, and involves a lot of unpacking and deprogramming and giving less fucks to that critic and judgement.

Like I said earlier, we don't grow from a place of comfort, and if this is your first session, you're probably nervous and a wee bit uncomfortable. If it's your 20th that could still be true, but the point is body image can keep us from doing the things we want to do - like wear a swimsuit and have photos taken - and that's a damn shame. Body image has very little to do with our physical bodies and a whole lot to do with our mindset.

5. If you hate fun...

Do you though? I guess what we find fun is subjective; embracing your body, wearing whatever the fuck you want, expressing whatever the fuck you want, having me constantly say motivating, affirming things with great music, snacks and feeling comfortable in your skin, seeing yourself in a new way... that says fun to me. Making art is fun. Doing something for you is fun. Having your makeup and hair done is fun (if you choose to have that done anyway). Being Bold in your Body is FUN.

There's not a single thing on that list about weight, age, gender expression, race, shape or any other physical characteristic. Because that's not a factor in having a photoshoot. It's just not.

If you want to do something for YOU, if you like adventures, if you want to have fun and remember that feeling, and are ready to stretch your comfort zone to grow into a more body-neutral mindset.... then you have 5 reasons to do a photoshoot with me.

If you're ready, reach out to book HERE. Not sure which session is right for you? Sign up for the 20 questions via email HERE.

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