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It's a Fucking Epidemic.

Last night I went on a little Facebook Live rant in the VIP Community. I keep seeing advertising in my feed for an image-editing plugin that will slim you down and contour the body in one click, auto-selecting your 'problem areas' and somehow fixing the 'flaws' of your body. Not gonna lie, this pisses me off to no end. I'm so fucking sick of body shaming and narrow, un-achievable ideals of beauty shoved down our minds every step of the way. No wonder body image and self esteem are a major problem for [almost] everyone.

I had a pretty raw conversation with a friend the other day who I've photographed several times (and would again in a heartbeat, she's rad), who was telling me about another experience she had modelling for a photo project. The photographer contoured, filtered, altered and generally treated her like a prop the whole time. The final images looked nothing like my friend and made her feel like shit because of it. I mean, come on, if you wanted a person who looks like your final image, just find that person to work with. I'm not one to shit on another pro, but I'm definitely going to call bullshit when I feel it's warranted. Makes me want to scream. Repeat after me: I. Am. Not. A. Prop.

Now, more than ever, we need honest, diverse, inclusive representation of people and their bodies. I can't stress that enough. This entire body-shaming thing is a fucking epidemic and we're in desperate need of an inoculation. I happen to think that comes in the form of creating more honest images, in their visibility, and in giving less fucks about comparing ourselves to others and more fucks towards how we feel about ourselves independently.

Who's ready for their shot?

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