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The Bold Bodies Collective is Born.

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Recently I changed the name of my closed Facebook Group from 'Gibson Girls VIP' to 'The Bold Bodies Collective'. This is to reflect the purpose and direction of what this group is really about, and my main mission/ultimate reason for the type of photography I make. Above all else, I strive to create a body-positive space. We're building a supportive community. A place to say 'Fuck It' to narrow standards of beauty and to feel empowered and confident in our Bodies and our Selves. Photography is simply the medium I choose to facilitate that.

I've been feeling a shift in my work for some time and The Bold Bodies Collective is something that finally clicked for me. Don't get me wrong, I love creating beautiful photos, empowering women to feel confident and see themselves in a new and positive light. But this runs so much deeper than that. I've literally seen it change lives and ripple out to friends, family, and greater communities of women.

The Bold Bodies Collective is set around building a community steeped in our desire and need to be bolder, to be embodied, to be more free where our bodies are concerned. Free from guilt, free from shame, free from judgement. And this isn't limited to online. I want this community to extend into the physical word where possible.

Beginning in March, I'll be hosting live in-person events, live virtual events, and building up both our digital and physical community. I want them to be one and the same as much as possible. I want women to feel connected to other women, represented, and open. I want us to learn Self-Love and be selective in the fucks we give, to choose to be Bold and Free in our bodies - or at minimum, supported where and when we need to start that ongoing process.

If you're a female-identifying person and any of the above sparks something true for you, then


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