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The Mighty Floof: Custom Piece

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I'm continually growing and experimenting as an artist. I love trying new things and playing around with new clothing and wardrobe pieces. Creative sessions are a breath of life. This session started as many creative sessions do, with a vague idea and direction, a willing model and one or two pieces that I want to play around with. Nothing ever really stays on track and that's where the magic happens in my opinion.

The idea: juxtapose softness with roughness.

The will model: Lauren (who also featured in THIS post)

The piece: a custom champagne tulle gown by Le Fae Rouge

It was early evening and we only had 30 minutes before we completely lost the light, so this was a fairly quick session overall. twilight has a softer, moodier vibe that I absolutely love. It can give images almost a painterly quality to it. The feminine tulle and body positioning against the brick and peeling paint was exactly what I was going for.

Jamie at Le Fae Rouge did an incredible job on this dress, and I found it to be surprisingly versatile. It's not too stiff but is still moldable, it's sheer but has the ability to be more opaque when bunched in certain ways, and it is adjustable for a wide range of sizes. For this we had Lauren wearing a champagne colour bra and panties, but this could easily be worn without anything underneath; I'm excited to see how that works as well. We decided to call this item "The Floof". I think it suits and there is just so much of it, it is glorious.

These shots are where we really deviated from the original idea of the soft/rough contrast. The light was almost gone, so we slid an air mattress against the large windows and went for something more haunting. It is October after all. This had 'Ophelia' written all over it and will definitely become a wall piece in the studio.

New ideas are always bubbling, what will be next?

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