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I Was Nervous Too.

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I'm not a morning person so you know when I get up at the ass crack of dawn to drive two hours in the rain in morning traffic, that something important is about to do down. Specifically this:

Photo by Shelby at Mon Cheri Boudoir

Friends, I'm a total Babe.

A show-stopping, head-turning, holy shit that's me Babe being Bold in my Body.

About a month ago I attended an event for womxn entrepreneurs hosted by fellow photog Lindsay Hite and while I'm still collecting my thoughts on that empowering day, I did promise myself that I'd get in front of the camera asap to remind myself what it's like to be the client, and to revel in that feeling you get from pushing outside the comfort zone and just feeling powerfully beautiful.

So here we are. Shelby and I are both part of an online photographer group dedicated to boudoir, which happens to have a directory, and after trolling her Instagram for a couple of weeks and loving her work, I reached out and we set something up. Not gonna lie, her logo being a d20 sealed the deal for me and made my nerd heart flutter. And full disclosure: I paid the full session fee and purchased my wall art and digitals like any other client.

My own clients talk about their nerves, and even though this wasn't my first time being in front of the camera, I was nervous too. I had the thoughts of 'but I've gained a lot of weight', and 'I don't want to see my tummy and extra chin' etc. etc. Even when you do this work professionally you still aren't immune to self-criticism. But then, we started shooting and just like I tell you, I kinda forgot about all that and simply felt good in my body and loved the feedback I was getting. And then I saw my pictures.

And I didn't give one single fuck about my "flaws". I only felt amazingly, powerfully, beautiful.

5 Things I learned from my time with Shelby:

  1. 38 is a fabulous age to be, as is a size 18. These are just numbers and not how to measure beauty and worth. We're all a damn fine work of art.

  2. Fucking stretch. You'll be sore because no, I didn't' just wake up like this and fall into these poses (much). Making incredible images is in fact skilled work - I knew this already but it's nice to repeat.

  3. I do, in fact, have an ass. My tum is adorable, and those grey streaks in my hair are gorgeous.

  4. Tooting your own horn with complements is NOT conceit or an inflated ego: we talk about 'knowing your worth', and 'loving yourself'... so let's Do. That. It's also OK to accept complements from others.

  5. We all work differently. I'm all for community not competition, and love to support other womxn owned small businesses, especially those who share my passion for body-positivity and art. "Walking your talk' is important and I will absolutely be getting in front of the camera more like I planned to do at that event I mentioned earlier.

Thanks, Shelby, for my gorgeous images, and for the reminder what it's like to be in front of the camera again!


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