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Loft Life Session: Lauren

I've known Lauren for a while and just adore her, so when she recently moved into a gorgeous studio work-space for her business I couldn't resit the idea of a session with her there. The large windows of endless light, exposed and weathered brick walls are a siren song. What better way to celebrate a new milestone in business and life than by documenting a beautiful soul in her beautiful space?

What were your thoughts before your Photo-shoot?

"Before my shoot? Well, I’ve always had a complicated relationship with photography, and looking at myself in ways other than my reflection in the morning when I check for toothpaste on my face. Event photographers, like at a wedding, usually make me feel like I need to put the right face on—and it always feels disingenuous." ~Lauren

How'd you feel during your session?

"During my session with Mitzie, I learned to be comfortable with the camera because the person behind it was just as concerned with the light or the angle of my arm as she was with how I was going to get to view myself in the finished photos."

How did you feel when you saw your finished images?

"I realized while I was looking at the results of our first shoot that these were photos of me that were FOR me; these weren’t for posterity or proof or at someone else’s request, or to benefit a third party in any way. This was a way to shift my perspective, and to claim my chin and knees and belly button and everything else I’ve always felt awkward about because I was afraid of the judgement of other people. The woman in the photos was purely me: no makeup and no body shaping clothes, none of the things women wear to hide or adjust the things we’re told not to accept about ourselves."

Would you do it again?

"I’ll probably do a shoot at some point that pulls out all the stops: hair, makeup, nails, all the hallmarks of classic idyllic femininity, just to see the difference. Now I’ll have a much better grasp on the beauty and worth of the person beneath those embellishments, though, instead of just the value of what “fixed” me."


This amazing studio space is available for your own session with me for select times.

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