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"I was Welcome as I was".

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I was going to write this journal entry about how doing webcam sessions while we're all staying home has been incredible for me, and feature Sasha's beautiful images. But then she wrote a powerful note about her experience and I knew a) I couldn't have expressed anything better, and b) I needed to take a step back because this one isn't, and shouldn't, be about me at all. So here are Sasha's own words along with our photos from one of my favourite sessions from Boston to Mexico...

"At some point, all girls play "the model". I remember being a child and later, a young teen and posing in front of a mirror, like a rock star, like a magazine model, like a queen, like a hero. Like everything I wanted to be.

I would pose and laugh and play. Until two things happened:

One, I was told vanity was a sin.

And two, I was told I wasn't pretty. I wasn't enough.

Not pretty enough, thin enough, fair enough, curvy enough, beautiful enough, sexy enough, whatever enough.

These messages came in different times but had the same effect, made me feel shame about the simple pleasure of discovering my body in my own terms. I was denied the playfulness of movement, the embodiment of emotion through the body, the empowering nature of being the owner of me, and being content with what is.

And what a pleasure it is, to be delighted in my own curves, to define my beauty in my own terms.

Today I did that. I played "the model" with the amazing photographer Mitzie.

And it felt natural to me.

I felt so alive, so present in myself, so present in the now.

I was welcome as I was, I was perfect as I was. And I relaxed in the ease and safety of just being me.

And for the rest of the day, I was restored by the power of my beauty, my laughter, my sexuality and the warmth, love and acceptance, of another powerful woman."

Sasha is an Empowerment, Sexuality & Jade Egg Coach, she helps women reclaim their wildness, radiance & sexual sovereignty  by creating a safe container for them to explore, love and heal themselves, and embrace their fabulous complexity. Find Sasha on Instagram, and her website.

Book your own Webcam Session with Mitzie through May and feel powerful in this dis-empowering time.


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