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You are Seen. You are Safe. You are Loved. You are Enough.

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"Dear future models, it's okay to be and to feel vulnerable. You are safe, and you are loved, and, in your own time, you will find that you are strong". ~Dimitri

I had never met Dimitri, but I knew this session was going to be powerful for them; what I didn't know was how powerful it would be for me too. They reached out via Instagram after I'd worked with a mutual friend, and wanted a session to explore their gender identity. I was 100% excited to do this.

Gender is a complex topic, and full disclosure: I think we should be able to explore, express and experiment with this spectrum, whether that be in how we dress, hold or move our bodies, or in the pronouns we use to feel comfortable and wholly our authentic Self. Do you. The sad fact of our current society is there are people who just don't or wont understand this right to explore and claim an identity. One of the beautiful things about the work I get to do is that judgement and shame have no place in my studio; the right to Boldy claim your identity is yours and you get to be Seen and documented your way. There are so few places that can happen - safely - so that in and of itself makes it a powerful experience.

For Dimitri, I wanted to create a story; a progression of images that took them from how they present to the world most often (masculine) to how they wanted to express a more hidden side of themself (feminine), and bridge the two to bring those aspects of their identity together in a full-circle kind of way.

A lot of my womxn-focused work is strong and powerful - traits that society places more easily on the masculine. But energy is energy, masculine or feminine or anywhere on that spectrum doesn't hold exclusive claim to a single set of adjectives. Humans are Powerful, Beautiful, Vulnerable, Strong, Dynamic Beings and I want to document all sides of that no matter how your physical body presents to the world.

There are some sessions I just cry buckets of happy over; to be able to create and hold space for a person to step fully into their Self in a way that leaves only room to be Seen, and to witness and experience a connection with their expression that is purest Joy... well, there are no words to describe how powerful that is. For both of us.

"I had such a blast shooting with [Mitzie], and am entirely stoked to have been able to exemplify body positivity and gender fluidity in the shoot. I walked out feeling confident in myself and safe in my skin"

Thank you, Dimitri, for your trust and for letting me create some incredible images with you. You are truly a Bold Babe in every sense. #boldbodiescollective

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